ZP Engineering AB was founded in Alingsås 2007 but is today based on Hisingen with good connection to one of our biggest clients. A small company with large competence, with our approximately 15 co-workers we share knowledge and work together to become better engineers.

The expertise is within cost reduction, where we actively work to become the evident option. Our way of work has proven to be a winning concept within the automotive industry, and our goal is to also provide other industries with the competence we have created within the company.

The Founder

Founder and CEO Zoran Panovic has solid and long-standing experience of mechanical design and quality work. After several years in the industry, the entrepreneurial spirit took over and Zoran founded ZP Engineering AB. Step by step during the years the company has developed and is today well known for the work within cost reduction.

Beyond his role as a CEO, Zoran still actively works as an engineer to be present in the industry´s constant development.

Zoran is also active within music and has a large interest for current and future electric mobility.

Our customers and our staff

Our customers are both large and small companies in Sweden, but we are excited about the possibility of collaboration outside of Sweden.

ZPE has high demands on our co-workers education, experience and competence for each assignment.  Generally we hire people with B.Sc. Or M.Sc. Degree, or with suitable vocational training.

To secure that we maintain high competence, we educate our staff continuously based on our or the customers demands and wishes. ZPE believes in diversity and aims to work without prestige with the customer as a first priority.

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