Heavy Industry

Over the years, ZPE has expanded to other businesses and can now offer services within the Heavy Industry. We specialize in the following areas:


Our knowledge in design includes layout development, structure drawings, pipe design, 3D modelling etc. Our designers usually use programs such as Solid Works, PDMS and AutoCAD.

Project management

We can assist with any type of project management, from pre-studies and concept to validation and industrialization. We can also help with cost estimates and schedules. The work is performed both at the customer and in-house at ZPE.


We assist our customers by providing skilled licensed welders and assembly technicians who have performed installation and maintenance work at paper mills, recovery boilers and thermal power plants. All staff has been trained in hot work and SSG-Entre (safety training course for industry contractors).

Our welders possess competences (EN 287) which correspond to the methods and procedures used by our customers. With the right skills and licenses, we can offer our customers a wide range of services.

Assembly technicians work in different environments within the heavy industry. Among other things they work with sanding, blasting, cutting and CNC machines. ZPE also offers precision mechanicians with extensive experience on the assembly of special machinery and Line construction.

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